Financing Financing a Home Purchase with Bad Credit Financing a home purchase under favorable conditions may not be a problem; however, for millions of potential homebuyers who have been negatively affected by the recent financial crisis, securing home financing for your dream home may be challenging. “Challenging” however, does not mean “impossible.” Just because your credit score and/or credit history is less than […]
Buying a Home Shopping for a Home Looking at homes can be an exciting adventure.  Once you decide you’re purchasing a home, window shopping becomes a more serious venture. Completing the preapproval process with your lender before beginning the serious home search is so crucial because some homes that may be “dream homes” can be out of the realistic budget. A pre-approval letter helps […]
Decor Update your Decor in a Day Decor in a Day: Easy Decorating Projects From vibrant accent walls to savvy storage solutions, transform your home in a flash with these no-fuss design projects. Brighten a bedroom. Instantly illuminate your bedside with a series of pendant lights made from canning jars. Purchase socket lights that plug into a standard outlet so you won’t have to […]
Buying a Home Now its time to get Pre approved for a Home Loan Lender Choice & Pre-Approval in The Buying Process Buying and Selling , Home Buying , Tips for Buyers & Sellers The choice has been made; you’re buying a home! Congrats! Now, comes the “fun part”. Starting the home buying process continues with one of the more confusing parts of process for new buyers: lender choice & pre-approval. It is […]
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